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Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet
Chronicle Worlds

"K.J.Heritage's uncanny sense of pacing and story puts him at the forefront of today's speculative fiction writers."

Samuel Peralta, Amazon bestselling author and creator of The Future Chronicles  



I WRITE books that I love to read. From claustrophobic science fiction mysteries to contemporary thrillers and even epic fantasy.

I HAVE done all the requisite ‘writery’ jobs such as driver's mate, factory gateman, barman, labourer, telesales operative, sales assistant, warehouseman, IT contractor, Student Union President, university IT helpdesk guy, British Rail signal software designer, premiership football website designer, gigging musician, graphic designer, stand-up comedian, sound engineer, improv artist, magazine editor and web journo. Although I don't like to talk about it. Mostly.


I WAS born in the UK in one of the more interesting previous centuries. Originally from Derbyshire, I now reside in the seaside town of Brighton. I am a tea drinker, avid Twitterer, and idiosyncratic human being. 

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