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Quick-Kill and the Galactic Secret Service

A gender-bending galactic thrill ride

Quick-Kill and the Galactic Secret Service

Choice comes with consequence…

Quick-Kill is robbing banks in the Hejaz system. A quick way to get the noticed by the Gilligan Gang—the clan in charge of this mess of small, desert-like planets and moons. Or so Mother tells him.  

 The only problem? He’s been at this for months and the Gilligans have failed to make contact—other than trying to blow him up that it is.  

 After breaking in to one of the Gilligan’s biggest vaults, Quick-Kill finds a mysterious box. Plunder of a kind he is not exactly sure how to deal with.   

Quick-Kill is forced to make a choice… but sometimes going with your gut will get you into all kinds of trouble.


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