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With stories from K.J.Heritage


Gravity City

In the far reaches of space, the celestial body known as Nebuna is the home to a metropolis with a bad attitude and an expansive wasteland filled with legends and mystery.

The tales you are about to read will give you an unflinching ride through the crime-infested gutters and corruption of Gravity City and the wondrous world that lies beyond city limits!

Featuring my story: The Roob

Binny Geep murdered her family. In all the time since her arrest, conviction and incarceration in Gravity City’s floating prison known as ‘The Brick’, she hasn’t spoken a single word. She now sits on Death Row, awaiting execution.

When young, ambitious Gravity City Lawyer-Tek, Nikki Ragano, is sent to interview her, she expected nothing more than the same brush-off. But today, Binny Geep is ready to tell her story.

Nikki Ragano soon realises that some stories should not be told…

Available in print and e-book formats



Legacy Fleet featuring Churchill's Rock by K.J.Heritage

Based on the ‘Legacy Fleet’ world by USA Today bestselling author Nick Webb. 

Presented by Samuel Peralta and Nick Webb. Edited by Therin Knite.

K.J.Heritages’s short is: Churchill’s Rock

Two years before the Second Swarm War and Catherine Spencer-Churchill, a cadet at the IDF Training Academy, is the best of the very best. Her bold strategy in the ship-to-ship battle-sim is the stuff of legend… but her elation at winning soon turns to dismay.

Will she ever be able to free herself from the long shadow of Churchill’s Rock?

Available in e-book format on Kindle Worlds only (US)



From The Indie Side

From the Indie Side brings together some of the biggest authors in independent publishing today. 

K.J.Heritage’s short is: Gyre-Witchery

All Tam wanted was to be loved. Was that so hard? Made outcast because of her green eyes—the sign of witchery—Tamina, a well-meaning simpleton, is shunned by a superstitious people who blame her for the ills that have overtaken their small island. It was not her fault that she put on weight while the others starved, or that wild animals slunk at her side, or that men and women both desired and despised her.

But change was coming, brought upon the back of a terrifying squall…

Available in print only


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