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Dying Is Easy

"Detailed and full of surprises and the twists kept coming right up till the end. This was a great book."

"More compelling than an ex's diary. More attitude than a bus load of sixth formers. A thoroughly enjoyable read." 

"Keep your woobie close by, you're gonna need it!"

Aspiring Brighton comic,
Jozee Jackson, has gone missing from the Brighton and Hove flat she shares with her boyfriend, Adam Hanson.   

Despite everyone believing Jozee had left him to pursue a new life, Adam suspects foul play and becomes determined to find her.

After a series of shocking discoveries that shed a new and disturbing light on Jozee’s private life, Adam begins to wonder if he knows his girlfriend at all.

Why are men from seedy hook-up websites visiting their flat when he’s supposed to be at work? Who is behind the torrent of vile text messages and emails sent to Adam’s phone? And what is the dark secret of Jozee’s dead ex-boyfriend?

Adam won’t give up looking until he finds answers to these questions - no matter how dangerous the consequences...

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