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The Complete Indie EDITOR

The Complete INDIE Editor

55 Essential Copy-edits for the Professional Independent Author

"A one-stop copy-editing shop to improve your novel before publication!"

"An indispensable guide for amateurs and professionals"

"Full of very useful tips, tricks and insights"

"A must read for any writer"

"A very useful guide I'd highly recommend."

The Complete INDIE Editor is a one-stop copy-editing shop to improve your novel before publication

Stay ahead of the competition with this

easy to use, step-by-step guide

When you publish as an Indie Author, be it on an electronic device such as the Kindle or as a printed novel through Createspace or other print-on-demand services, readers are evaluating your writing by using Free First Chapter, etc. With so many novels competing against one another, you need all the tools you can get to convert interest into a buy...

Welcome to the world of copy-editing--the revision, correction and adaptation of a piece of writing for publication. An edit is the singular name given to an individual edit or group of edits in the process of copy-editing. By working through this guide, you will apply each of the fifty-five edits to your novel.

These Copy-edits include: 

*Redundant adjectives & overuse of adverbs

*Over thirty overused words & phrases such as that, it, up/down, was/were, had, even, got, etc.

*Overuse of exclamations and the ellipsis

*Proper use of italics, quotations & capitalisation

*Word pairs & homophones

*How to handle numbers & time

*And descriptions of flow, show not tell, writing tenses, dialogue handling and more

Applying these copy-edits to your fiction will allow reviewers and readers to evaluate your novel purely on the strength of your story and not on clumsy and weak prose, overuse of adverbs, repetition and flabbiness.

Your readers may not understand why your fiction is more engaging, but subconsciously they will respond to the improved flow, the more immediate prose and leaner sentences.

The Complete Indie Editor cannot guarantee you marketing success; what it will guarantee is to give your novel the best chance it can get in a tough, competitive and new publishing world.

Getting readers past page one, despite your 'explosive, fast paced hitting-the-ground-running opening', is what this guide is all about.

Let's put it in a nutshell:

The Complete INDIE Editor is a one-stop copy-editing shop to improve your novel before publication.

Available in print and e-book formats

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