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The #1 Kindle Worlds bestseller... now available everywhere on Amazon!

★★★★★ "The best place to discover new SF authors, I think, is any of the anthologies coming from Samuel Peralta"  

- Hugh Howey, NY Times bestselling author of Wool

TURN THE page to pulse-pounding action from the Legacy Fleet universe - war stories of alien invasion, of starships locked in planetary conflict, of battle lines drawn across galaxies, and of human resistance and courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

FROM SAMUEL Peralta, creator of the acclaimed Future Chronicles anthology series, and Nick Webb, USA Today bestselling author of the Legacy Fleet series, comes a pulse-pounding collection that brings together work from some of today's most exciting science fiction authors - Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet! 

SPANNING A time between the First Swarm War - and humanity's first devastating encounter with the alien race - and the events of Constitution, Warrior, and Victory, these fourteen stories chart the human drama behind an epic 75-year vista of Earth's expansion in space, and the dawn of the Second Swarm War.

IF YOU loved the cinematic experience of the novels, you'll love the television series. Because here it is, the entire season, this amazing collection of episodes, of short stories... Welcome to humanity's greatest adventure. Welcome to Chronicle Worlds: Legacy Fleet.


Therin Knite , David Adams, Peter Cawdron

Patrice Fitzgerald, K.J. Fieler, Jon Frater,

Ralph Kern, Joseph Robert Lewis

J.E. Mac, Felix R. Savage, Will Swardstrom

Matt Thyer, Christopher Valin



Featuring My Short: Churchill's Rock

TWO YEARS before the Second Swarm War and Catherine Spencer-Churchill, a cadet at the IDF Training Academy, is the best of the very best.

Her bold strategy in the ship-to-ship battle-sim is the stuff of legend… but her elation at winning soon turns to dismay.

Will she ever be able to free herself from the long shadow of Churchill’s Rock? 

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