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A gender-bending galactic thrill ride

"I look forward to seeing more of Quick-Kill. A thoroughly entertaining romp of a read!" 

"A well written rip-roaring tale with space ships, lasers, explosions and daring-do...what's not to like?"

"Fun, feisty and fast-moving, this is a highly enjoyable read"

"If you love fantasy or sci-fi, you have to read this book now!"

"A fast-paced, brilliant SciFi story"

"Bloody marvelous!"



Never, ever, let yourself never get caught, who knows what may happen?

The forgotten, seedy backwater planet of Plenty (the most unfortunately-named world there ever was), is no place for a girl to grow up parentless and alone.

But self-styled, femme fatale and genius gun-for hire, Quick-Kill Jane, was no normal kid. She learned her trade early on, making a name for herself. And by the time she became an adult, everyone feared and respected that name in equal measure.

Quick-Kill Jane is always eager to hand out her particular brand of justice—for a bounty of course. In her world, everything has a price.

In what should’ve been a straightforward job—one of the many she had built her reputation upon—she finds herself in pursuit of small-time criminal and wife-beater, Rollo Barla. But things do not go to plan.

She learns that the contract on Rollo was ordered by the Cabal—a loose network of galactic criminals, and that they, and the equally shady Galactic Secret Service, were now in competition to chase her down.

Quick-Kill must use all her considerable talents, skills and guile to stay one step ahead. But events take an unexpected and extraordinary turn.

A twist that will change Quick-Kill’s life forever…




There is no in between...

Brand new, gender-re-orientated and ‘green behind the ears’ Galactic Secret Service agent—code name, Quick-Kill—is on her first mission as a man.

A mission she’s keen to get over and done with as soon as possible.

It wasn’t her idea to be a drafted into the Service, nor to end up as a goddamn guy—but if she was ever going to find a way to escape their clutches, she has to play their game… until she can find a way out that is.

Quick-Kill lands on the planet Palladia, the capital world of a fascistic Triumvirate, run by a bunch of nasty ‘small-dick’ dictators, as explained to her by, Pistol-Whip, an undercover agent with a bad attitude and a low regard for life.

Pistol-Whip has a simple mission for our hero/heroine. An easy ‘get-in and get-out’.

But as Quick-Kill is starting to learn… nothing in the Galactic Secret Service is ever easy.

Not even close.




Choice comes with consequence…

Quick-Kill is robbing banks in the Hejaz system.

A quick way to get noticed by the Gilligan Gang—the clan in charge of this mess of small, desert-like planets and moons. Or so Mother tells her.

The only problem? She’s been at this for months and the Gilligans have failed to make contact—other than trying to blow her up that it is.

After breaking in to one of the Gilligan’s biggest vaults, Quick-Kill finds a mysterious box.

Plunder of a kind she is not exactly sure how to deal with.

Quick-Kill is forced to make a choice…

But sometimes going with your gut will get you into all kinds of trouble.




Never, ever, cross Quick-Kill, who knows what may happen?

Quick-Kill is determined to find Sirena, aka The Bluetongue Lizard, but the Secret Service has turned our gender-bending heroine into a goddamn desk-jockey.

But not for long.

Quick-Kill has an audacious plan that will take her back to where it all started.

Back to the Sol System, back to Ancient Earth, and back to the Earth's only Moon.

Quick-Kill is going home...


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