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Once Upon a Time in Gravity City


Featuring 'The Roob' by K.J.Heritage

"The surprises in The Roob made me shake my head in wonder."


"This is some unique and weird stuff!"

"My mind may not recover, I am now questioning reality."

"A mirror to our worst possibilities."

"Masterfully done."

"Absolutely insane! But oh so much fun to read!!!"

Once Upon a Time in Gravity City

IN THE far reaches of space, the celestial body known as Nebuna is the home to a metropolis with a bad attitude and an expansive wasteland filled  with legends and mystery.

The tales you are about to read will give you an unflinching ride through the crime-infested gutters and corruption of Gravity City and the wondrous world that lies beyond city limits!

Featuring my story: The Roob

BINNY GEEP murdered her family. In all the time since her arrest, conviction and incarceration in Gravity City’s floating prison known as ‘The Brick’, she hasn’t spoken a single word. She now sits on Death Row, awaiting execution. 

When young, ambitious Gravity City Lawyer-Tek, Nikki Ragano, is sent to interview her, she expected nothing more than the same brush-off. But today, Binny Geep is ready to tell her story.  

Nikki Ragano soon realises that some stories should not be told…  

Available in print and e-book format

The Roob
Official  Video

Just for a bit of fun, I've also penned a special trance track to accompany my story: 

The Roob (There's Something Wrong With It)

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